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Criminal Law

“It was a huge mistake. I thank God no one got hurt. Thanks for being a friend and supporting me when I needed you most.”

DWI Client

Driving While Intoxicated
Domestic Violence
Assault and Battery and Other Crimes Against Persons
Drug/Controlled Substance Charges
Traffic offenses and licensing Matters

Everyone makes mistakes—and everyone must face the consequences of his or her mistakes. When your mistakes force you into the criminal justice system, your failure to retain the right criminal defense attorney can have grave consequences to your reputation, your livelihood, your ability to obtain or maintain a professional license, your family, and your freedom.

The attorneys assigned to Gallo & Iacovangelo, LLP’s Criminal Law division are uniquely qualified to represent you at all stages of your case, from initial accusation or arrest through trial, if necessary. Our defense clients include professionals, skilled workers, and other people just like you, who need to have their matters handled discretely and with skill and care. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need our assistance.

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