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Beyond Full Service to Client Service

Plenty of law firms provide full service, or the ability to meet a wide range of legal needs. What distinguishes Gallo & Iacovangelo, LLP is the manner in which we provide those services.

“We remember our goal is to serve the client in a time of need, whether a business need or a personal crisis. Everything flows from that belief, including our focus on results. It makes no difference to a client that the brief was brilliant if we lose the case.”

Frank B. Iacovangelo
Founding Partner


Returning phone calls: it sounds like such a simple thing, but it makes a tremendous difference to people. Every client should have direct access to their attorney. That is an absolute.

Large-Firm Abilities, Small-Firm Service

Gallo & Iacovangelo has not lost its small-firm feeling, even as it has grown. There is a high level of personal attention, an effort to identify exactly the client’s needs and then meet them. People look for an attorney on whom they can depend, someone they can trust. We earn that trust when we share with people the reasoning and philosophy behind our recommendations, and are willing to discuss any problem or concern.

Efficiency & Organization

Clients shouldn’t have to call us to find out the status of the case. We explain; we keep them posted on progress. A great deal of legal work is in the detail. This firm has excellent procedures for checks and balances to be certain that the paperwork is correct, that deadlines are monitored and met. And there is a continuous effort to improve those systems, so they work in the best possible way.


I believe in explaining the bad with the good. I will never promise a client a solution that’s not attainable. We are truthful and honest about what we can do to solve people’s problems.

Genuine Concern

You represent people best by standing in their shoes. I tell all my clients, ‘Never feel that you are bothering me. When you have a problem, I am here to help…’ The attorneys in this firm are fighters for their clients. And they support each other in helping clients.


Our mission is to answer any question in non-legal terms, to never intimidate nor act in a high-handed manner, to make it clear that we respect a client’s views. When lawyers and clients work together as a team, the clients’ interests are best served. No matter how small the problem may look to an attorney who has handled it a dozen times before, to that client it is the most distressing problem imaginable. So that’s how we treat it.

Reasonable Rates

We talk about the cost of legal services at the first meeting, because that’s an issue that worries most people. It is important to share with clients the scope of the work to be done. To be fair in our rates is a philosophy we have held from the very beginning.

Personal Service

We aim to satisfy, to be conscientious, to be fair, never to be indifferent to a client. I care about my clients. I think that’s important.

Ask our attorneys, we can help.

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