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Estate Planning & Administration

  • Preparation of wills, trust agreements, living wills and powers of attorney.
  • Review of and advice about estate plans.
  • Representation of executors in the administration of estates, including tax planning.
  • Assistance to individual and corporate trustees regarding trust administration, distributions, income taxation and trust terminations.
  • Long-term health care.

Peace of mind
Preparing a will and making estate plans is a small investment that can pay large dividends in the future Nearly all of our attorneys have experience in wills and estates work, and several concentrate in the practice.

The attorneys in Gallo & Iacovangelo, LLP’s Estate Planning and Administration practice group can plan your estate, whether involving a simple will for a young couple starting a family or a complex plan involving various trusts and fiduciary income tax considerations.

We also provide all necessary legal and support services to probate and administer the estate upon death. Our attorneys will address any disputes, resolve claims, administer payment of estate taxes and distribute estate assets to the beneficiaries in an efficient manner

Notably, Frank B. Iacovangelo has been appointed to the office of Public Administrator in and for Monroe County The Public Administrator is empowered to, among other things, administer the estates of decedents who are not known to be survived by anyone eligible or willing to act as an executor.

Finally, Gallo & Iacovangelo, LLP is experienced in estate-related litigation, and we are deeply committed to resolving such litigation by cost-effective and respectful means.

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