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Rizzo Wins Tragic Case

July 14, 2010

Litigation Department Head, Joseph B. Rizzo, obtained a $423,000 arbitration award in the tragic case of Estate of Nabi Magomedov v. Casings, Inc. The case was brought by the administrator of the estates of three family members killed in a motor vehicle accident when the vehicle in which they were driving was struck on the New York State Thruway by a tractor-trailer that crossed over the center guard rail. Rizzo established that the accident occurred when the Defendant's truck driver fell asleep at the wheel and lost control of the tractor-trailor. "The decedents were Russian immigrants and we were able to recover precious lost support for their parents who live in relative poverty back in Russia," Rizzo explained. "A father, a mother and a two year old boy were lost in this accident, as well as the driver of the tractor-trailer," said Rizzo. "It was probably the most difficult case that I have ever had to bring to trial."

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