Partner, Edward Wurtz, obtained a dismissal of a discrimination lawsuit pending in federal court against G&I client, Hopevale Union Free School District. In the case of Kazmierczak v. Hopevale Union Free School District, two employees of the School District had claimed a pattern of age and sex discrimination based upon the alleged activities of a former school principal and certain comments made by several school staff members. G&I had vigorously defended the claims as meritless. The School District and its affiliated agency, Hopevale, Inc., provide educational and counseling services to troubled children, many of whom are placed through the courts or social services agencies. “Any significant monetary judgment against the District would have severely impaired the good work of these organizations,” said Wurtz.  Wurtz prepared a motion for summary judgment which was recently granted by Magistrate Judge Kenneth Schroeder, Jr. dismissing all claims against the School District and Hopevale, Inc.