Litigation attorney, David D. Spoto, obtained summary judgment dismissing a wrongful death lawsuit brought against G&I client, the Oswego County Sheriff’s Department, and other parties. The Plaintiffs were the parents of a teenage boy who was tragically struck and killed by an automobile following an underage drinking party. An Oswego County Sheriff’s Deputy had encountered the boy in an intoxicated state hours earlier that evening. At the decendent’s direction, the Deputy brought the decedent to the nearby residence of a friend and delegated the decendent’s care to the friend’s mother with the mother’s consent. Unbeknownst to the Deputy, an underage drinking party had been taking place in the woods behind the residence. The decedent re-joined the party and was later killed. The Court, in Henderson v. Oswego County Sheriff’s Department, et al., held that the Deputy had fully discharged any duty of care owed to the decedent so that the Sheriff could not be held liable to the Plaintiffs in negligence. The Plaintiffs were, however, successful in reaching a settlement prior to trial with the host of the party and the operator of the automobile that struck the decedent.