G&I municipal law specialist, Anthony M. Sortino, obtained summary judgment dismissing a civil rights lawsuit brought against G&I client, the Town of Wayland. The plaintiff alleged that he was subjected to malicious prosecution and unlawful retaliation by a police officer and a dog control officer for the exercise of his right to free speech. The incident arose when the officers received a complaint about a dog on the loose without a licence and vaccinations as required by law. The dog owner refused to comply with the officers’ directives concerning the handling of the dog and he was ultimately arrested for obstructing governmental administration. The criminal charges were later dismissed in court. In the matter of Skinner v. Chapman, United States District Court Judge, David Larimer, determined that the officers had probalbe cause to arrest the plaintiff despite the fact that the charges were ultimately dismissed. Sortino further established that the officers were legally immune from liability under the circumstances. “Its astonishing that a simple matter like a dog off of a leash could erupt into a federal civil rights lawsuit,” said Sortino. “The plaintiff blamed everyone but himself for what happened, and we’re pleased that Judge Larimer ruled in our favor.” The Plaintiff has since appealed Judge Larimer’s decision and order to the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.