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A brief overview of matters in which Gallo & Iacovangelo, LLP may be of assistance to you:


I. Gallo & Iacovangelo, LLP is uniquely qualified to represent municipal entities in upstate New York. Our clients include cities, towns and villages, as well as public authorities, school districts and other special districts. We offer full-service representation, in whatever capacity necessary, through ever-changing times and circumstances.


General Municipal Liability Matters


Gallo & Iacovangelo, LLP is dedicated to the defense of local municipalities. Our practice group is comprised of skilled trial attorneys fully prepared to stem the tide of a mobilized plaintiffs’ bar. We work as outside counsel assisting corporate counsel, or as panel counsel for liability insurers and various self-insured administrators. We have handled hundreds of claims seeking damages for personal injuries and property damage under countless theories of recovery, including negligence and violation of civil rights. We are also one of the most experienced firms in this region in the defense of police liability claims. Gallo & Iacovangelo, LLP is an ardent supporter of our local police departments and it is our distinct privilege to advocate on behalf of our police officers. Most often we are mobilized the moment a Notice of Claim is received. We review and analyze the claim, act as liaison to your claims administrators and risk managers, conduct necessary investigation, and we provide a detailed assessment of our client’s possible liabilities and the costs to defend the matter. Should litigation indeed initiate, we formalize a defense plan specifically designed towards cost efficiency and prompt disposition. We are confident that we can reduce your bottom line defense and indemnity costs while achieving maximum results. Notably, we also handle numerous subrogation actions wherein we seek for our clients and their insurers reimbursement for monies paid out to claimants (including deductible amounts) from the parties responsible for the particular loss.


Land Use, Zoning and Condemnation Matters

Gallo & Iacovangelo, LLP advises its clients on a daily basis in matters of planning, zoning and condemnation. We work on an “of counsel” basis assisting corporate counsel with assignments which may be more suitable for outside counsel, and also as special consultants. We are highly experienced in CPLR Article 78 proceedings and we have had outstanding results representing local zoning and planning boards before the New York State Supreme Courts and the Appellate Divisions. We have also worked extensively with private developers and we are fully versed in, and sensitive to, the environmental aspects of development. Please consider that Gallo & Iacovangelo, LLP has also long been recognized as one of the most experienced real estate firms in New York State, and we are thus able to provide comprehensive real estate services to our municipal clients. Indeed, we bring a unique perspective and history of expertise to the table.


General Local Government Matters

Gallo & Iacovangelo, LLP also represents municipalities in their day-to-day conduct and affairs. We advise our clients as to the propriety of legislative and administrative procedures and practices. We review, analyze and draft local laws and ordinances. We also provide opinion reports relative to the constitutional aspects of legislation. We have drafted and reviewed hundreds of municipal contracts, involving everything from towing services to public works projects to cellular tower installations. As always, we are fully prepared to service our clients should litigation arise out of a particular contractual relationship, and our success rate in contract litigation is excellent. In addition, we regularly act as a special consultant to our clients and their committees in the review of applicable tax assessments. We are equipped to facilitate the defense of high volumes of tax certiorari proceedings to contest assessments, and we work with assessors to resolve such proceedings through trial if necessary.


Labor and Employment Matters

Gallo & Iacovangelo, LLP provides assistance in whatever capacity necessary in connection with our clients’ employment relations. We will negotiate individual contracts and collective bargaining agreements, review and draft employee handbooks and advise our clients as to the requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act and other applicable State and Federal statutes and regulations. The goal, as we advise our clients, is to avoid employment discrimination claims by enacting effective policies and procedures, by educating our clients’ workforce and by enforcement; however, whenever necessary, we defend our clients in discrimination claims before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and in State and Federal Courts.



II. Gallo & Iacovangelo, LLP is also uniquely qualified to represent insurance companies and their insured in upstate New York.


Insurance Law

  • General litigation defense services in a broad array of liability contexts:
    • Automobile liability
    • Premises liability
    • Police liability and civil rights litigation
    • Public officials liability
    • Directors and officers liability
    • Employment liability
    • Breach of fiduciary duty
    • Defamation
    • Intellectual property
    • General Business errors and omissions
    • Real estate errors and omissions
    • Construction defects
    • Environmental law matters
    • Malpractice (medical and dental)
  • Arson and fraud investigation
  • First party property claim investigation and defense litigation
  • Insurance policy coverage analysis and opinion reports
  • Complex subrogation actions



Cost Efficiency

The primary commitment to our insurance company clients is to eliminate the uncertainty of legal costs and lack of accountability prevalent in the industry today. We offer a variety of progressive fee arrangements for services rendered, each specifically geared towards cost efficiency and result-oriented file management.

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